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Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quotes

At Mutual Point Insurance, we comparison shop homeowners insurance in order to find a company that’ll offer you outstanding rates and quality coverage. Most independent guides will tell you the best way to find great insurance is to get quotes from many different insurance companies. That can be a time consuming and energy draining process. That’s why we do it for you! Contact us or request quotes to get started now.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability

Covers bodily injury and property damage you or a resident family member cause to another.


Covers damage to your home and attached structures, like a porch.

Other Structures

Covers damage to other structures on your property, not attached to the home, like a detached garage or shed.

Personal Property

Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with someone that has too little or no insurance.

Medical Payments

Covers minor medical expenses incurred by a guest, without regard to fault.

Loss of Use

Covers the cost of alternative living arrangements, if your home is unlivable after a covered incident.

Jewelry / Guns

Covers jewelry, guns, art, and other special types of property that have reduced theft limits on a standard policy.

How Home Insurance Works

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Basics of Homeowners Insurance

Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company. You pay them an agreed amount, known as the premium, and they agree to pay for certain losses you experience or damages you cause.

Homeowners insurance, for example, transfers the cost of bodily injury or property damage you cause, or losses to your home and property, to the insurance company. This helps protect your family from lawsuits and catastrophic damage caused by fire, wind, and other perils.

There are many coverage options available. We can help explain your options and craft a policy customized to your specifications.

Properties We Cover

Single family homes


Rental properties

Vacation homes


Multi-unit homes

Mobile homes


And more

Homeowners Insurance Questions

Is home insurance required in Arizona?

Home insurance is not required by law but will be required by your lender if you have a mortgage on your home. Even if your home is paid off, you’ll want a home policy to cover your personal liability and catastrophic losses.

Is flood damage covered on a homeowners policy?

No. Flooding is excluded from a standard home policy. Coverage can be secured by purchasing a separate flood insurance policy.

Is homeowners insurance included in mortgage payments?

Insurance isn’t included in your mortgage payment but, if you have an escrow set up, your mortgage, home insurance, and property taxes may all be included into one monthly payment charged by your lender. Still, they’re 3 separate items, and you are ultimately responsible for securing and paying your insurance.

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