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Arizona Car Insurance Quotes

At Mutual Point Insurance, we comparison shop car insurance in order to find a company that’ll offer you outstanding rates without skimping on coverage. Most independent guides will tell you the best way to find great insurance is to get quotes from many different insurance companies. That can be a time consuming and energy draining process. That’s why we do it for you! Contact us or request quotes to get started now.

Car Insurance Coverage

Auto Liability

Covers bodily injury and property damage you cause in an auto accident.


Covers physical damage your vehicle sustains in a collision with another vehicle or object.


Covers physical damage your vehicle sustains in an accident other than a collision.


Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with someone that has too little or no insurance.

Medical Expenses

Covers medical expenses you or passengers sustain, without regard to fault.

Roadside Assistance

Covers towing, fuel delivery, and other roadside services, if your vehicle becomes disabled.

Rental Reimbursement

Covers the cost of a rental while your vehicle is being repaired from a covered incident.

How Car Insurance Works

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Basics of Car Insurance

Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company. You pay them an agreed amount, known as the premium, and they agree to pay for certain losses you experience or damages you cause.

Auto insurance, for example, will transfer the cost of bodily injury or property damage you cause with your vehicle to the company (up to the specified limits of coverage). This helps protect you from financial devastation and helps keep the community at large safe from costly accidents.

There are many coverage options available. We can help explain your options and craft a policy customized to your specifications.

Vehicles We Cover

Private passenger vehicles


Uber / Lyft




Classic cars

Exotic cars

And more

Car Insurance Questions

Is auto insurance required in Arizona?

Yes. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, liability coverage is required for any motor vehicle operated on public roads. The minimum coverage is $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident, and $15,000 property damage liability.

Do I need more than state minimum coverage?

While the state requires a minimum amount to ensure coverage for many minor accidents, it isn’t enough to cover moderate to severe accidents. For example, $15k in property damage coverage probably won’t be enough if you cause an accident that totals out another person’s new vehicle.

What is full coverage?

Full coverage isn’t a proper term for insurance coverage. It is often used as a shorthand and can mean different things to different people. It usually refers to the combination of collision and comprehensive coverage but because it isn’t clearly defined, it’s best to review your policy to ensure it has each coverage you need.

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